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Christian Art - GoodSalt - Stats
1 Christian Art - GoodSalt
Category: Business | Movement: Neutral
Today 3483
Average 3645.2

Christian Website Hosting - Stats
2 Christian Website Hosting
Try our easy to use online Christian website builder. We have a 10 day free trial.
Category: Churches | Movement: Neutral
Today 826
Average 893.5
Christian Comic Strips, Puzzles, Sweepstakes, and Wallpapers! - Stats
3 Christian Comic Strips, Puzzles, Sweepstakes, and Wallpapers!
Every day, a new Bible Verse, a new Quote, a new Quip, and a new Cartoon. Every week, a new Bible Wordoku (a fascinating puzzle) and a new Comic Strip. Every month, a new Sweepstakes (win great Christian books!) and a new Christian Desktop Wallpaper!
Category: Family | Movement: Neutral
Today 523
Average 570.9
Christian Resources and Information - Stats
4 Christian Resources and Information
Christian Resources - Bible study online articles, exploring Biblical events, Christian music videos, quotes, Biblical meaning of numbers and names, Christian martyrs, testimony videos, **FREE** Bible story coloring pages.
Category: General | Movement: Up
Today 321
Average 320.1
Christian Media Feeds - Stats
5 Christian Media Feeds
Christian Media Feeds of all kinds. Latest update from the world of Christian entertainment and messages.
Category: Family | Movement: Down
Today 295
Average 251.9
Baptist Ministries - Stats
6 Baptist Ministries
A web portal for Independent Baptists. Includes extensive lists of Independent Baptist Churches, Bible Colleges, Missionaries, more.
Category: Ministries | Movement: Up
Today 136
Average 125.4

ChristianFellowship - Stats
7 ChristianFellowship
Fellowship with other believers in Christ, We offer live chat, bible Studies, Prayer rooms and have a live audio site for sermons weekly.
Category: Ministries | Movement: Up
Today 100
Average 114.1
Managing God's Money - Stats
8 Managing God's Money
Managing Gods Moneys mission is to teach biblical stewardship; it's providing free Christian financial advice. That's more than quoting a few Bible verses and sending folks away; it means presenting suggestions according to Bible principles. Christian
Category: Family | Movement: Up
Today 99
Average 116.2
Spirit of Hosea Audio Archive - Stats
9  Spirit of Hosea Audio Archive
Marriage, Divorce Remarriage, Sermons and Radio Broadcasts from, A Christian Website concerning marriage divorce and remarriage. We encourage the restoration of Biblical marriages through unconditional forgiveness.
Category: Family | Movement: Down
Today 94
Average 75
Faith Saves - Stats
10 Faith Saves
Faith Saves is as a website dedicated to the historic Baptist faith with many resources that can be used of the Lord to bring sinners to true conversion, as well as excellent Christian material ranging from a relatively simple level up to college and semi
Category: Ministries | Movement: Up
Today 74
Average 70.1
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
11 Decoding Daniel - An indepth Bible study on the book of Daniel. The background of each chapter is given and there is a comprehensive look at the prophecies of Daniel.
Category: Ministries Down
58 56.3 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
12 Soul Harvest Christian Apparel - We sell original Christian t-shirts and Pro-life clothing, including The geoFish, Christian Hippie & Green Christians. Our designs are available on T-shirts, youth shirts, infant tees, toddler tees and more.
Category: Banner Exchange Up
42 38.1 Stats
13 Race Track Weather - Weather forecasts for over 1,400 US race tracks. General weather info for over 100,000 cities world wide.
Category: General Down
36 45.7 Stats
14 Arcadian Outdoor Furniture - The Arcadian Outdoor Furniture Store sells beautiful handmade patio furniture, including rocking chairs, gliders, porch swings and Adirondacks. Visit our store for outdoor, unfinished wood furniture.
Category: Business Up
33 28.8 Stats
15 Baptist Symposium - A New site for Christian fellowship and theological discussion. Specially designed forums for edifying and structured debates. Exploring new ways to build a more positive Christian online community.
Category: Ministries Down
27 28.5 Stats
16 Confirming 'Signs' in the Gospel of John - Seven 'I am' metaphorical sayings of Jesus Christ, corresponding details in his birth, and corresponding 'signs' (miracles). How these elements form a menorah structure. Also, John the Baptist, Simon Peter, and more.
Category: Ministries Down
24 14 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
17 Watch And Share christian Videos,Audios And Blogs - Christianvidz is Christian videos,audios and blogs also social network. Share and upload unlimited Christian music Videos and sermon MP3 and explore Christian faith
Category: General Down
22 29.2 Stats
18 Family Topsites (This Page) - FamilyNet International Topsites.
Category: Topsites Down
21 24.8 Stats
19 Ekklesia Hosts this Top Sites List - Affordable domain registration and web hosting, secure certificates, blogs, and loads of other discounted services and freebies.
Category: Business Up
18 18.7 Stats
20 Political Christian - This purpose of this site is to equip and encourage Christian in the public arena.
Category: General Down
17 24.5 Stats
21 The Top 100 Christian Websites - Register your site for free at a growing list of great Christian websites!
Category: General Up
17 15.3 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
22 A Love Eternal - A masterful, compelling affirmation of loves ability to transcend the grave, grief, loneliness, and sorrow. A Love Eternal bespeaks the journey that we are each destined to make, yet, for the child of God, it is but the first step into Eternity
Category: Ministries Up
14 14.6 Stats
23 FamilyNet International HQ site - Sysop and BBS resources. Familynet International has been online since 1987!
Category: Ministries Up
12 17 Stats
24 Paper Airplane 3D - Paper Airplane and Boat. FREE instructions and diagrams to make origami paper airplanes and origami boats. Step to step 3D animations to fold the planes and ship
Category: General Up
11 10.2 Stats
25 Conservative Christian Music - Conservative Christian Music Resource. A Cuckaburro Search Engine
Category: Ministries Up
10 13.8 Stats
26 Bob and Maureen Hoffman - Missionaries to Cyberspace
Category: Ministries Up
10 11.1 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
27 Online Churches - A primer for getting your church online.
Category: Ministries Up
9 5 Stats
28 Revelation Online Bible Study - An in depth study of the book of Revelation.
Category: General Down
9 5.9 Stats
29 The Quiet Place - There is a God created domain, deep in the very soul of every human being. It is a place within our soul that nothing can truly fill except our creator Himself. He created us to be indwelt by His Spirit, and nothing in life can take His place there. The
Category: Family Up
9 10.6 Stats
30 ABUNDANT LIFE NOW - Need an inspiring moment?
Category: Topsites Up
9 15.8 Stats
31 Baptist Top Sites - A top sites list for Independent Baptists.
Category: Topsites Down
8 15.5 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
32 King James Bible Believers Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Huntsville Missouri
Category: Churches Up
8 2.5 Stats
33 First Trumpet of the Apocalypse - Weekly Miracle blog plus free books on discipleship and unique commentary on the book of Revelation, calling believers to a deeper walk in preparation for Christ's return.
Category: Ministries Down
8 9.5 Stats
34 FamilyNet Bible Correspondence Courses - Free Bible Correspondence Courses (Source of Light/Mailbox Club) via US Mail sent worldwide.
Category: Ministries Down
7 5.8 Stats
35 Hot Pursuit - I Lived a life of violence, crime, & drugs. A fugitive for 10 years running from a 25 to 40 year prison sentence. Hear what happens when I was given a New Testament by the Gideons. An amazing true story.
Category: Family Up
7 2.7 Stats
36 Calvary Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Emporia Kansas
Category: Churches Down
7 3.4 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
37 Baptist Barter - Baptist Barter Network - Buy Sell Trade
Category: Banner Exchange Up
7 8 Stats
38 Widow / Widower Dating -
Category: Family Down
6 7.9 Stats
39 Hitlist-R-US - Mafia Wars Hitlistr Family Home Page.
Category: General Down
6 4.8 Stats
40 Northway Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Humble Texas
Category: Churches Up
6 5.9 Stats
41 Victory Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Salado Texas
Category: Churches Up
6 3.7 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
42 History of the Bible - We at History of the Bible endeavour to compile the most robust collection of information about the history of the most popular book ever made - The Bible.
Category: General Down
6 7 Stats
43 Bible Stories Library - Download free Bible stories, coloring pages, and other Christian resources to help you and your children understand the Bible.
Category: General Up
6 5.6 Stats
44 Midway Baptist Church - Independent baptist Church in Jamestown North Carolina
Category: Churches Up
6 3.1 Stats
45 First Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Hempstead New York
Category: Churches Down
5 3.7 Stats
46 Share The Word Ministries - Excellent reading materials about salvation in Christ plus Evangelism projects for Christians, the topics of Moral Purity and evidence for the resurrection of Jesus are also covered. Sound Biblical doctrine
Category: Banner Exchange Up
5 4.3 Stats

  Title - Description Today Average Stats
47 Bob Hoffman - Greyhound Dallas Extraboard Blog
Category: Missionaries Down
5 5.1 Stats
48 BAPTISTMAIL.NET - Are you a Baptist? Show pride with a FREE email address forwarded to your inbox.
Category: Ministries Down
5 4 Stats
49 Grace Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Edgewood New Mexico
Category: Churches Up
5 3.6 Stats
50 Friendship Baptist Church - Independent Baptist Church in Elon College North Carolina
Category: Churches Up
5 4.6 Stats
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